(A day) On sleep, football, autumn, and good friends…

It’s the end of the day. Although for some it might be just the beginning. I am somewhere in the middle: this morning I woke up early again after I went to bed at five the previous night (or actually the early hours of the day), did nothing for several hours before I finally decided that it’s high time I get up and do some groceries. You might be surprised how much effort that requires on a Saturday, even though the supermarket is just five minutes away from where I live now. Just the whole routine: deciding what to wear (oh yes, we guys do that as well!), the effort to put on my socks and shoes, and actually going outside in the cold rainy weather – this takes quite some time for me to prepare mentally before I finally spring into action. Continue reading


Fiction writing based on everyday real-life happenings

It’s hard to start. I’ve been thinking for quite some time already about writing something – a blog or a journal of some sorts. And I want to collect the writings into a book – to create something…with my name on it. I am sure that if I write it, it’s going to be good – everything I’ve ever done has turned out to be of good quality. “Where’s the proof of that?” – I hear you asking me. Well, it’s quite simple – other people like what I do. And in case they don’t like it at first, I always manage to talk them into liking it… Continue reading