(A day) On sleep, football, autumn, and good friends…

It’s the end of the day. Although for some it might be just the beginning. I am somewhere in the middle: this morning I woke up early again after I went to bed at five the previous night (or actually the early hours of the day), did nothing for several hours before I finally decided that it’s high time I get up and do some groceries. You might be surprised how much effort that requires on a Saturday, even though the supermarket is just five minutes away from where I live now. Just the whole routine: deciding what to wear (oh yes, we guys do that as well!), the effort to put on my socks and shoes, and actually going outside in the cold rainy weather – this takes quite some time for me to prepare mentally before I finally spring into action.

But let’s get back on the topic…which was…oh yes – what part of the day it is for me now. So after I did my shopping I came back, ate some sandwiches and desert and felt ready to proceed with something I felt I haven’t completed – getting some more sleep. Let’s assume that I had a power nap (or actually several with some brief pauses in-between). At certain point during the day I felt capable enough to start over again. I checked online what is going on in the Premiership this weekend.

Watching football during weekends. I have to admit, that this was a rather great passion for me a few years ago. I used to spend a whole afternoon and evening in front of the TV watching games in different championships of both good and crappy teams. Today things are much different. Of course, I grew up and changed a lot and other interests came up in my life – like drinking, girls and socialising, but I also feel that I just simply lost interest to the whole thing. Moreover, the lack of TV and die-hard football fans around who breathe, think, and talk only football helped this process of distancing.

But there is one interesting thing – inside me I can still feel this need to watch a game (or even to have one on while I’m doing something else) every once and a while. I also imagine being in a pub with some good friends, eating and drinking, and enjoying together a football game. And we do that every week – it has become our ritual. A ritual for which we get together to catch up on what has happened over the week, gossip, argue about how good our favourite teams are, but most of all – to enjoy each other’s company and enjoy couple of litres of beer, of course.

I drifted away a bit…anyway.

I didn’t watch the whole game – just the first half. I thought that spending virtually the whole day inside is a waste of time, so I went out for a bike ride around the city. It’s quite nice outside at the moment. Although it has been cloudy and raining for the past month a lot of things are going on now. Preparations for the upcoming holidays have already started apparently.  They have installed the Christmas decorations in the city centre already. It will not be long and we will have quite a festive atmosphere around the place. But what fascinated me more was how beautiful the autumn is around here. Because there are a lot of trees on the streets and plenty of green areas with grass and water ponds, one can witness a great variety of beautiful shades of red, green, yellow, brown – whatever Mother Nature has to offer – it is out there for everyone to appreciate. And you should. Go out tomorrow to have a walk and leave all your worries at home. And just look around – look up at the sky, look to your left to see the leaves falling of the trees on the other side of the street, look to your right at the nearby buildings and observe how nature left its mark there as well, look down to see the golden carpet you are walking on at the moment. It’s the small things in life that make us happy. Going back to basics sometimes can really make a difference. It’s that simple.

Although the previous paragraph has a rather good couple of sentences that are great for an ending I’d like to add one more thing I almost forgot to mention. My day began with a great surprise I received from far, far away. I am not used to receiving regular mail and therefore barely check our post box unless I am expecting something. Well, this morning I received a post card from a friend of mine who is currently enjoying the warmth and cosiness of Morocco. And he thought of me a few days ago and found a way to share this warmth and cosiness with me. This already made me quite happy and charged with positive energy for the whole day. Thanks, Julian!

At the end of the day (you can take that literally, depending on the time zone you are in), it is these kind of things that matter and have great influence on our lives. If you are reading this now, think of the people that matter to you. You will probably end up smiling. Now will be the time to share this positive energy with them and show them your appreciation.




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