I need a drink!

Here I am again – rolling up my sleeves, scratching my head and staring into the brightly lit laptop screen. Warren Zevon playing in the background. I am ready to start writing another post. Yet again I find it hard to begin – to find the right words, to find a comfortable position to sit in… the second one, especially, is a big issue. I can hear the strong wind blowing outside and the trains that pass by every half-an-hour or so. Actually, this night the weather is quite nice outside – overall it is almost the perfect autumn night. There’s just one thing missing…


Whisky. Preferably Scotch. The nice, warm touch that this amazing drink brings, together with its many other qualities, is what I am missing at the moment. And maybe, just maybe, to complete the picture – the heavy smell of a lit fat cigar… All these shared with a good friend, of course!

I like to have my whisky clear – without any mixers or ice – in order to really appreciate its qualities. I only need a glass of cold water to sip from every once and a while and further enjoy this favourite liquid. I am not really a cocktail person – today I enjoy drinking alcohol separately from any mixers. Going back to when I was just introducing myself to the quite diverse world of spirits, I used to constantly mix the alcohol with something else (a soft drink most of the times)  – the main reason being that I was simply finding it hard to cope with the strong taste of it. And when I think about it now I feel that when I was younger I wasn’t able to appreciate all the qualities of such a drink.  Which makes drinking nowadays a little bit special – a moment to put all the worries of the day aside, dive into a nice atmosphere created by nice people, good music and slightly dimmed light, and relax. It is incredible to think how such a moment that can be just half-an-hour long can help me recharge my batteries and change my mood on 180 degrees.

And this is what I need now. A drink, to clear up my mind before going to bed. A drink, to help me overcome both the physical and mental tiredness I feel. A drink, to distract me from the calmness and dullness of this place. A drink, to share with a friend and talk about ourselves and life.

Instead, I will be going to bed with a rather bad taste in my mouth, stomach a bit upset and feeling tired as hell. Not that this is a big problem. As soon as I wake up early tomorrow to start my regular daily routine and go for my morning run I will be in a completely different state – fresh and raring to go. The problem is that during the late hours of the afternoon I will start to feel this tiredness again and from there on the whole thing repeats. It’s just been too long since I had a proper drink.

Moreover, it’s been too long since there was something new that happened around. This is the main reason why I get this tired and lose track of time. I know for myself that I need new experiences constantly – either through work or in a personal perspective. Recently, both things have merged into one reality and from there comes part of the trouble as well. I need to start doing something new that will allow me to spread my wings and let me reach my full potential. I need to meet new people from which I can learn new things and further improve myself, although such people are quite hard to find.

The solution is quite simple I think – travelling. A couple of years ago I was quite indifferent towards travelling and was quite happy with where I was – basically I was too comfortable in my environment to even think of doing something new and exciting. But then I left for another country and met a lot of great and interesting people from all corners of the world and I realised that there is much more I can see and do around the globe. Furthermore, it became obvious to me that today it is so easy to just hop on a plane, spend twenty-or-so hours up in the air and land on the other side of the world. There’s almost no limit to the amount of possibilities we have to do new things, and do them wherever we like. As long as there is some motivation and commitment from our behalf…

Unfortunately, that is what a lot of people do not realise and they lack the motivation and commitment to change the status quo. They prefer to just stay where they are, stop their development as both professionals and personalities, and never reach their full potential. The ridiculous thing in this case is that it takes so little to make the first step towards change. Of course, if it was that simple everyone would have been constantly on the road to look for new experiences and opportunities. But you should always keep into consideration that things are not as easy as they sound and there are plenty of unforeseeable dangers that can pretty much make your situation even worse than before you started to look for change. On the other hand, there might be plenty of (unrecognisable at first sight) opportunities that are lurking behind the corner and  await to be spotted by you.

In the spirit of my final thoughts, I’d like to finish with this quote from one of my favourite books – The Lord of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien:

“Remember what Bilbo used to say: It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”




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