A story I didn’t plan to write…

The city is slowly waking up. People get out of bed, shower, eat, and leave for work. Some are heading towards the bus stop, some towards the metro station, some are bravely walking on foot, and there is a small but even braver group who get on a bicycle and join the already busy traffic on the roads. It is 8 AM and still dark outside. The sun is just starting to rise over the tall buildings. One after another, the street lamps are being switched off. For a short period of five to ten minutes it gets quite dark everywhere – the only lights coming from the nearby apartments and the passing cars. I look up and try to see the sky – that’s not really possible. There are thick, grey clouds in the sky that seem to have no beginning or an end… I can feel the dampness in the air. And suddenly it starts to rain.


I wake up to the sound of my alarm. The tune I use to wake up is “Sometimes I feel like screaming” by Deep Purple. I like the calm start of the song that actually makes the process of waking up so early a rather enjoyable one (as ridiculous as this may sound). I hate the annoying chainsaw-like tunes that majority of people use to put on their alarm clocks or mobile phones. If I hear something like this in the morning I am definitely more inclined to be edgy and aggressive during the day.

While I continue to listen to my alarm I slowly get out of bed, put on my slippers and start my laptop. When the damn thing is finally operating I put on my music player on and look for some lively rock music (sometimes I can go to certain extremes and play heavy- or grunge-metal) to speed-up the waking up process. It takes me around ten to fifteen minutes to actually start feeling something and get myself fresh enough to begin with my warming-up exercises. After that I go out for my run. It is still dark, cold and it will most certainly start raining in a bit. I can smell the rain in the air. I don’t mind it to be honest. It’s quite refreshing to feel the cold rain drops on my face when I am running. And the combination of cold wind and rain makes it even easier to wake up quickly.

During my run I see the same people every day. We pass by each other at the same time, in the same place. I recognise them, they do as well. Our relationship is so serious already that we even greet each other with a slight nod, to acknowledge the fact that…well…that every day our paths cross. Sometimes I get curious about their life stories and start to wonder what they are like in life: what are their names, what do they do for a living, do they have families, do they wonder the same way about me?

I like running and listening to my mp3 player. I listen to something fast and with a good rhythm. Usually that’s electronic or rock music. My music player is old and not working properly – I have to constantly press the headphones jack plugged into the socket, otherwise I hear the music only from the left headphone…annoying…but it’s cheaper this way.

I also like to take different routes every time. It is actually really good and stimulating for the brain, because you make it work more in terms of planning and memorising the new route. So I am combining lots of positives for quite a short time while I am doing my run.

25 minutes pass and I stop running. Five minutes to cool down, followed by push-ups. Now I feel like my proper self. I can feel the blood going through my veins and my heart pumping steadily in a nice rhythm…in tone with the music…Shower…clothes…and I head out the door of my house to join the crowds on the street who are all headed to their working places. I look at the other people – and almost no one is looking up. Everyone is in their own world, heads down, a blank expression on their faces, talking on their phones…it is really hard to distinguish anyone from these crowds.

And here I am walking slowly and staring into the sky – looking at the unsuccessful attempt of the sun to break through the thick layer of grey clouds. Then, finally, it starts to rain. I don’t have an umbrella, but as I said – I don’t mind the rain (as long as it is not pouring as a river from the sky). Despite that, I still do not wish to get soaking wet so I rush forward and try to reach the nearest bus stop and hide under the hood there. But it is already half-past eight and everyone, it seems, decided to have the same idea and hide under the bus stop. There’s no space left for me…mostly because of the crowd of annoying selfish pensioners with their small carts who occupy not one but at least three spaces. But there’s no need to try to argue with any of them – I just look around and try to spot another place to hide from the rain…

When I finally enter my office I have to find a spare shirt to change because I decided to go out with my summer jacket and as a result of this I am soaking wet (just as I predicted). So for the first part of the day I am walking around the building in a funny electric-green shirt that makes me look like one of the cleaners, but I don’t mind that at all. The only thing that is still annoying is that I couldn’t find a spare pair of trousers and I am beginning to stink…crap!

I have too much to do at work, so I stay late…in fact three hours longer than everyone else in my department. I feel tired and lazy – it is clear to me that I will not be able to continue. So I pack my stuff and leave for home. It is raining again, but I don’t even notice that. I am not in a hurry. Thinking about what to have for dinner I don’t realise that I have actually gone the whole way from work to my house and it’s not raining anymore. But it’s already dark and it takes me some time to find the lock and insert the key. It is nice and warm inside…damn I am tired…I remove my clothes in just three moves and sit on my bed. I will lie down for five minutes to recharge my batteries…

And then I hear him…Ian Gillan starting the first verse of “Sometimes I feel like screaming”…




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