The night’s just begun…

I poured myself a glass of whisky and sat in the nice comfortable chair next to my window. I took a cigar from the small wooden box and lit it up. There are two things I like about cigars: first – the smell that fills the room when you smoke one; the second – you don’t inhale. Otherwise I don’t have any issues with smoke…

A nice, warm feeling goes through my throat and then spreads through my whole body. I took the first sip of whisky from my glass. I am starting to feel how the worries of the day are going away. Slowly, but surely, these random thoughts about work, due dates for projects, idiot colleagues and money are beginning to fade in the distance. Until they disappear entirely from my view. In fact there is only one view I have at the moment – and it is right in front of me, through my big window. I can see the narrow street becoming quieter and quieter with every minute that passes by. There’s almost no traffic on the roads at this time of the night – it’s almost midnight and most people are inside preparing to go to bed, before they have to wake up in the morning and deal with their own shit all over again. One after another even the street dogs are disappearing – they find shelter in the entrances or basements of abandoned buildings and hide from the cold outside. Recently, the temperatures dropped significantly, especially at night…I can feel it now – winter is just around the corner. I can also smell it – the typical smell that winter brings with itself: the fresh air that the northern winds bring combined with the smell of smoke coming from the chimneys of the local houses.

I continue my observation of the outside world in the warmth and cosiness of my room. There is the old man from the local supermarket who is preparing to close the store. He is mopping the floor and every once and a while stops, lifts his head, looks at the door. He is actually staring at something. Or perhaps he is deeply thinking about something. Soon enough it becomes clear to me – he’s been staring at a young couple on the other side of the street who cross it and actually stand in front of his shop now. They open the door and ask him something. Probably they want to buy something. I can see that the shop keeper is not happy at all and with a rather rude gesture makes his intention not to sell the couple anything known. I think he also accompanies this with a verbal explanation, just to clarify his idea in case the two intruders didn’t get the message at the first place.

It's getting quiet outside

Looking down the street I can see how one of the street lamps suddenly starts to go off and then back on…and off again, then on… Under it I can distinguish an old Citroen DS – at first I see the beautiful design of the machine, but with each flash from the street lamp I notice that it is in a really bad shape. Rusty, with flat rear tyres, at least on the left side. It’s a shame really – the owner can get quite a lot of cash for it if he sells it, I am thinking.

I reach for my cigar I just lit and realise that it has gone off. Did I spend that much time staring through my window? I feel that my mouth has gone dry. I take my glass… and there’s no whisky in it – I finished the whole thing in just a few minutes. This makes me to look at my watch – it’s already quarter past midnight – apparently I was almost hypnotised in the past half an hour, while I was carelessly looking at the outside world.

I go up to pour myself a glass of cold water, drink it and then pour one more. This one I take with me downstairs in my room. I leave it on the small table next to the empty whisky glass and the cigar. I go for the bottle of scotch, pour some of it in my glass and then I light my cigar. This time I also put on some nice jazz music. A magical trumpet solo begins…this is a perfect atmosphere…a perfect moment…the nice smell fills in the room again.

I think of something that is missing right now, but there isn’t anything. I feel calm, relaxed and cheerful. Maybe it’s the whisky taking over, but I doubt it…at least it’s not just the alcohol. I listen to the music…it’s beautiful and powerful. I close my eyes and let the music take me in a different world. And I find myself in this unknown place full of happy dancing people…it’s a bar, but not like the ones I know – it’s a bar from the 30s. Jazz music fills the whole room and everyone is enjoying themselves. It’s nice and warm…it’s actually too warm. Hot. But no one seems to notice this…

And I am sitting at the bar, a glass of whisky in my right hand and a cigar in my left…bliss…the night’s just begun…



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