The best question in the world


I just found out this really simple, but quite comprehensive, presentation about creativity. I like it mostly because I have recently been thinking about how we lose touch with the habits we had as children – habits that had helped us explore and learn so much about the world around us.

A lot of people say that learning gets harder when we get older, but I think part of the problem comes from the fact that we forget how easy and simple it was to learn new things when we were kids. Moreover, I believe that it is fear from failing and embarrassing ourselves that hold us back from trying new things and learning more. And a lot of people pay too much attention (almost close to obsession) to  possible bad outcomes, resulting in lack of creativity and innovation…

So, it is essential to find a way not to suppress the creative ability of the brain – but how to achieve that? Well, for starters – think of what you were passionate about while you were a kid and, most importantly, think of what made you happy when you were young…maybe it was singing, dancing, painting, writing, or playing football – the list is almost endless.

The next step would be to overcome the things that restrict you from doing what you want and love. These might be fear of embarrassing yourself in front of peers or fear of loosing money – it doesn’t matter. Because nowadays there are almost unlimited possibilities for people who want to practice their creativity and do what they are passionate about. You can start a blog – to practice your writing, go to karaoke with friends or colleagues after work – to practice your singing, invite the same friends and colleagues to do sports together during Sunday’s afternoon (or if you fear that you might not be good enough to take part in group sports, you can always do something on your own – jogging or fitness, for example). As I mentioned already – there are unlimited possibilities!

You can now go through the slides of this presentation and see on your own how easy it is to be in touch with your child side and find a place to express yourself. “And then you can change the world.” Maybe not the whole world, but at least your own…


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