Happy Holidays!

The holiday season has already started!

With this video message I want to wish you health, happiness and success in 2011!

Enjoy this period, folks!




Open your world

Yesterday I stumbled upon Heineken’s new campaign. It is definitely worth to spend a couple of minutes and go through the videos. You can find it on Facebook (www.facebook.com/heineken) as well as YouTube (www.youtube.com/user/heineken). It’s a must see!

And here is my favourite video from the campaign:

I hope it raises your spirits!


The evolution of tablets according to Motorola

Check out this fun video about the evolution of tablets:

Definitely a good (but not a novel) idea about promoting the new Motorola tablet, expected to be unveiled during CES 2011. Apparently, the new device will have the latest version of Android – Honeycomb, designed specifically for tablet use.

I am really looking forward to see more of this tablet and check out its capabilities…

Assembly service from IKEA – TV ad

My experience with IKEA products started a couple of months ago when I’ve just moved in my new unfurnished accommodation. The reasons I chose to go to IKEA were because of the good quality one gets for a relatively low prices, but also the simple and easy way of setting up the furniture.

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Moving is living…

It’s been a while since my last blog post, but I have to admit that recently there’s been plenty going on at work and on a personal level. However, I guess the main reason for my short-term absence is the fact that I am still getting used to blogging and I still need to add this into my system. So, let’s begin…

Moving is living - Living is moving

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