Assembly service from IKEA – TV ad

My experience with IKEA products started a couple of months ago when I’ve just moved in my new unfurnished accommodation. The reasons I chose to go to IKEA were because of the good quality one gets for a relatively low prices, but also the simple and easy way of setting up the furniture.

This morning I found out this German TV ad that promotes the assembly service, the Swedish brand is offering to its customers. This great TV spot, together with a print advertising campaign, has been developed by Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg.

"Silent Messages"



Choosing for this service would definitely make life easier for a lot of people, however it might also take the fun away from the whole experience. After all, assembling the products on your own brings a nice feeling of satisfaction that you did it (partly) on your own, even if it took a bit longer than expected.

Nevertheless, if you have doubts about your ability to set up the furniture on your own, think about this ad and request the assembly service – in the end, you don’t want to damage your new acquisition, right?


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