Being passionate about what you are doing (or going to do) is probably the most important prerequisite you need to have. Passion is what is going to help you through rough times when you are facing certain challenges with your work or life. It is the force that drives you forward and is your co-pilot when you need to stay focused, persevere and put that extra effort.

But how do you develop passion? You are most certainly not born with it. Yet, it is soon after you begin your journey through life that you start developing different kinds of passion. At a very young age you develop passion for playing with your toys, riding your bicycle, watching cartoons, listening to funny and exciting stories about dragons, castles, witches, talking animals and other magical characters. Later in life you start developing other passions – you become passionate about friendships, also boys or girls you meet in school and fall in love with, your education, sports, music…the list is very long and different for everyone. Next you develop passion about your career, starting a family, buying your own home – again these are just some very basic examples. So, let’s get back to the question I asked – how do you develop passion?

Through inspirations! Inspirations are all the things that make us feel good and excited about something. Inspirations show us something new, something that we can use to enrich our lives. Actually, inspirations themselves have the ability to influence us directly.

Therefore, I believe that it is essential for everyone to have their set of inspirations and constantly follow the passions that come with these inspirations. Let me tell you about my inspirations…

Today I sat in front of my notebook and on a blank page listed all the things I consider to be my inspirations. This is how the list looks like:


1) People

2) Formula 1

3) Reading

4) Art

5) The world around

Let me get more into detail about each of the points listed above.


I consider the people around me – family, friends, acquaintances and everyone else I meet and get to know – to have the biggest impact in my life. By looking to them, listening carefully to what they  say, observing how they behave, and what they do I am able to learn something new and find inspirations.  These relationships are a major influence on their own and a great source of inspiration and therefore, it is important to nurture them and safeguard them carefully.

Formula 1

This motor sport is another great source of inspiration for me – especially when it comes to my attitude for work and aspiration for success. Motor racing is an incredibly demanding sport where both individual and team effort are joining forces to achieve a common goal – winning races and championships. And the hard work, effort , skills, innovation, devotion and hunger for being at the top are all qualities I feel strongly about and try to accommodate in my own life.


Reading books, magazines, blogs, and other publications has always been a source of inspiration and has helped me in finding new passions or to increase existing ones. Through reading I am able to go to a different place and time, to experience new things, expand my knowledge and as a result of that – find new inspirations!


Listening to music, looking at pictures, watching videos and movies – I cannot imagine life without being able to do any of these. Art has the power to change attitudes, to take me on an unknown journey and explore new worlds, far away from the limitations of time and space. Art is the channel through which people share their inspirations and others, like you and me, can in turn develop our own.

The world around

I am always trying to stay aware of the world around me, appreciate it and experience it with all my senses. The traditional five senses have the ability to provide me with an almost infinite set of inspirations, no matter where I am.

This is probably not the whole list, but the things I mentioned here are those I consider as most important and I refer to them all the time. Based on this list I am now going to suggest five steps you can also do to make sure you are able to find inspiration from various sources, every day in both your professional and personal life.

1) Meet people – maintain your existing relationships and look out for making new ones! Learn from all the people you interact with. Stay open and adopt a positive attitude whenever you are meeting someone.

2) Find a sport you like – preferably one you can practice, or at least, one you can follow constantly. The competitiveness, hard work, and discipline that come with sports can easily be applied to your own life into everything you are doing – from boring and monotonous housework to your career.

3) Read regularly! No matter what you are doing spend at least half an hour per day to read. It doesn’t matter what you read – fiction, non-fiction, academic articles, blogs related to your career or personal growth – all of these will present something new that you might find useful and inspiring.

4) Spend time every day listening to music and browsing through pictures and videos on the internet  – preferably, you should listen and watch new things – explore new worlds and look for the things that inspire you and work on your passions.

5) Stop whatever you are doing and appreciate the world around you. Listen, watch, taste, smell, touch – for a moment try to experience what’s around you. And just like that you might find an inspiration in the most surprising places.

This is my take on the topic of inspiration. Do you agree with it? In the future I will try to focus a bit more in detail on some of the points from my list.

What are your inspirations? How do you develop passion? It would be great if you share your thoughts on the subject.


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