The most important media corporation – YOU!

The most important media corporation!

I believe that in today’s interconnected world each and every one of us is a media corporation with several media outlets. If you are reading this, you are a member of my audience. You probably found this content on platforms like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or similar. So, you’re also using these channels. You produce, consume and share content on them. Therefore, these are your media outlets – all of them part of your media corporation: YOU. We can also look at it as your personal brand.

You are the publisher. You are the responsible entity that constantly creates, updates, curates and shares content. You take part in the transactions with other corporations like yourself. This relationship is based on collaboration rather than competition. A collaboration that facilitates education and entertainment. And this is to everyone’s benefit.

However, to make sure that you are a responsible corporation and that your participation in these transactions is to everyone’s advantage (yes, including yours) you must ensure regular maintenance and update of your media outlets. Moreover, all these units must be in line with your corporate philosophy and mission. They have to reflect what you stand for!

If you haven’t thought about yourself (or your personal brand) in this way I will now suggest some basic steps that can help you revamp your corporation/brand and improve your position in the transaction with other corporations like you.

Philosophy and mission

Essential factors. Defining for yourself who you are, what do you believe in, and why are you doing what you are doing is the foundation needed to establish a personal brand. State clearly your philosophy and mission. This will give you a great insight about who you are and what you stand for. It will help you identify your strengths and focus on them, but also see your weaknesses and start working on them.


This is the next important step. As a media corporation you have various media outlets. Let’s turn this to your personal brand. You are interacting with other people on different channels. In the digital world there are now tons of services where you are active and use frequently, but there might be tools you’ve registered for, tried them out and completely ignored their existence. Change that! Make an inventory of all the media you are currently on. Check for yourself which ones are worth using, keep those and remove (cancel your presence) on what’s left. You can easily decide which tools you need to use when you have clearly formulated your philosophy and mission.

The hub

Create a personal website that will serve as a central place (your corporate HQ) for your brand. This hub must contain all the information essential to your audience, summary of your philosophy and mission, and a list of all your media outlets – social networks, blogs, email and others (ebooks, brochures, speaking events, for instance).

The media outlets

You want to portray an identical image on all your media outlets that is in line with your philosophy and mission. Therefore, you need to spend extra attention and effort on ultimately utilising these channels. This means that you have to regularly update old content and create new one that is interesting for your audience. In the meantime, you must ensure that the transaction with the other corporations works and you are actively sharing and curating the content of others via your channels.

These four steps will put you on track to establish a unique personal brand. However, if you want to reap the benefits of it you need to pay careful attention on the quality of your content. Furthermore, don’t forget your digital footprint. In today’s world whenever and whatever you produce stays always ON-air. The image of your brand can be ruined just by a small, meaningless action if you are not careful about the content of your production.

On the other hand, if your production is of high quality and it educates and entertains your audience (your fellow corporations) you are definitely a valuable member of a beneficial relationship. A relationship between media corporations and their media outlets.


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