Morning! Complete the sentence: A tweet a day…

Morning! Have you had your morning coffee yet?

Good morning!

It’s Monday and it’s time to roll up our sleeves and start a new and, hopefully, a productive week. We all have our daily routines and rituals at this time of the day and week to help us get going.

Last week, while I was talking with a friend of mine he asked me the following question:

How will you finish this sentence: A tweet a day… ?

So, I thought this was a good brain tease, especially early in the morning. Then I asked some of you on twitter and facebook for your own suggestions. As a result there were some very witty responses.

This time again I am asking you the same question – How will you complete the sentence “A tweet a day …?” You can respond wherever you want – on twitter, facebook, or here in the comments.

In fact, to make it more fun (and easier to follow) use the hashtag #atweetaday on twitter.

Let’s get these brains all fired up!

Oh, and here is a list with some of the suggestions I’ve received last week:

@Icindo A Tweet a day… Will make me Sweet like a Fay! 😉

@digitives A tweet a day … makes the bird okay 😉

@_E_L_L_Y_ A tweet a day… is just a better way of starting the day with a “hey” 🙂

FB: Dian Nedyalkov A tweet a day….no way 😉

FB: Katina Kostova A tweet a day… makes your hair gray 😛 But twenty make you look friendly.

@maringerov A tweet a day… keeps the smartphone away.

@W2erner A tweet a day will result in exactly 33 tweets in the beginning of May.

@maevanheijst a tweet a day is not enough to tell you what i want to say

@AmberCadabra A tweet a day…can set off an avalanch of lost productivity if you’re not careful? 😉

Take care and have an enjoyable and productive week!



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