Integrating social media within the organisation

Integrating social media within all departments and educating employees about it are important tasks each organisation must undertake in order to survive, stay relevant and benefit in today’s world. These interrelated processes of integration and education can create communication opportunities for your organisation – both internally and externally.

Internally, it will facilitate a better understanding of organisational culture, goals and new developments. Employees who are taking part in various social networks can connect with each other and move online the discussions they have during their lunch or coffee brake. They might talk about personal topics, but also cover subjects about their employer, the business day and other activities surrounding the organisation.

Externally, your employees will be “out there” in the online world where your past, current and potential customers are. They all become contacts to the organisation and also, its ambassadors. People interested about new products or job opportunities, for instance, can find your employees and approach them at any time. And both parties can start an interaction that can greatly benefit the organisation and its customers.

In fact, there is a big opportunity here. First, by integrating and educating about social media within the borders of your organisation, your employees have the opportunity to see the big picture and understand better who and why are they working for such an organisation. And second, because your employees can now become more engaged with and know better the organisation – they are more likely to positively portray it to the outside world. And I don’t mean just the online, but also the real, physical, world.

A recent development, brought out yesterday by LinkedIn, will stress the importance of integration and education about social media within organisations. The network is allowing it’s users to use new sharing features on their personal and corporate websites. Profile and company badges that show who works for your organisation can now be added to your webpage. Follow this link to learn more about these new tools.

Transparency has become an inherent feature of the successful modern organisation. I don’t think any organisation can avoid being transparent now. Of course, there are certain things that will always stay private and within the borders of organisations (and they should be). But the communication reality is changing, or should I say evolving, constantly to more and higher levels of openness.


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