About me

Hey there!

That's me...on an island in Sweden - I love travelling!

My name is Marin Gerov. This is my communication blog. And this is the hardest abstract I had to write…

I was born in Bulgaria, but soon after graduating from high school I moved to The Netherlands to pursue my bachelor degree in communication. I have been living there since 2008. Furthermore, I’ve been working for the marketing and communications department of Hanze University Groningen. I also spent six months studying in Gothenburg, Sweden as part of an exchange program.

I enjoy life and try to look at every day as a celebration. Travelling, music, good food, wines and whiskies are things I really like. They usually go hand-in-hand, so when I’m on a trip somewhere I always try to make the most of it, hopefully with a good company.

Another thing I am very passionate about is Formula 1. The glitz and glamour of the sport are a good reason to follow the show, but what truly fascinates me is the intricate business world of F1 and how it is operating at speeds as high as those of the competing cars. This is one of the reasons why I also want to have a career as a motorsports marketer, preferably working within the Formula 1 world. So, feel free to get in touch if you know of any job openings in the industry!

I consider myself to be a good listener, thinker and speaker – traits that help me to learn all the time and connect with people…from whom I learn even more.

I see that I’ve just exceeded 300 words in trying to introduce myself…

I don’t want to bore you even more, so, that’s all from me! The only thing left to tell you is to have a look at my blog and if you find something interesting to say or feel like starting a conversation with me, do so without any hesitation.



PS: Have a look at my About.Me page which serves as my digital business card:
Check out my about.me profile!

Or check my CV:


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