F1 Marketing

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F1 Marketing

Formula One is global phenomenon that spreads across 19 countries and 5 continents. The scale of the business is hard to imagine or describe. If we look closely at a “normal” 7-day week in F1 we would have to divide it like this: from 168 hours, 2 hours are about racing, and in the other 166 the business machine of Formula One is operating at full throttle, just like the engines of these beautiful cars that are circulating around the track during the competition.

With this project I would like to pay attention to the marketing side of the business that F1 is. 

While doing my research before I started with this site I did not find another website dedicated specifically to Formula One and the marketing activities related to the sport. Some information about it can be read on sites dedicated to F1, but none were specifically about marketing. There are great resources out there, maintained by some of the best F1 journalist I know, but once again their focus is not only on this topic.

So, I have decided to combine two of my passions – Marketing and F1 – and write about recent developments, share my thoughts about them and also take a look at the future of the sport’s marketing side. 


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