Open your world

Yesterday I stumbled upon Heineken’s new campaign. It is definitely worth to spend a couple of minutes and go through the videos. You can find it on Facebook ( as well as YouTube ( It’s a must see!

And here is my favourite video from the campaign:

I hope it raises your spirits!



Assembly service from IKEA – TV ad

My experience with IKEA products started a couple of months ago when I’ve just moved in my new unfurnished accommodation. The reasons I chose to go to IKEA were because of the good quality one gets for a relatively low prices, but also the simple and easy way of setting up the furniture.

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Re-discovering the pleasure of reading books (it’s actually worth it!)

I feel like writing again, even though I haven’t planned to do any this night. Well, it’s better to go with the flow and use this moment to actually write something of good quality. Because here is the thing: words don’t always come so freely to me. Either my mind is in this state when I can write sentence after sentence without getting distracted, or I have the energy and motivation of a dung beetle who really let himself go. Continue reading