A story I didn’t plan to write…

The city is slowly waking up. People get out of bed, shower, eat, and leave for work. Some are heading towards the bus stop, some towards the metro station, some are bravely walking on foot, and there is a small but even braver group who get on a bicycle and join the already busy traffic on the roads. It is 8 AM and still dark outside. The sun is just starting to rise over the tall buildings. One after another, the street lamps are being switched off. Continue reading


Fiction writing based on everyday real-life happenings

It’s hard to start. I’ve been thinking for quite some time already about writing something – a blog or a journal of some sorts. And I want to collect the writings into a book – to create something…with my name on it. I am sure that if I write it, it’s going to be good – everything I’ve ever done has turned out to be of good quality. “Where’s the proof of that?” – I hear you asking me. Well, it’s quite simple – other people like what I do. And in case they don’t like it at first, I always manage to talk them into liking it… Continue reading