Finding a rhythm

Rhythm, according to Wikipedia is “any regular recurring motion, symmetry.”

Finding a rhythm is essential when you are doing sports. If you find your own rhythm while doing sports you will be able to avoid a burn out and you will have much more fun exercising.

Finding a rhythm for your digital activity and habits is just as important. It will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and fed-up with social media and constantly trying to be “present.” It will also make social media much more fun.

Finding a rhythm will liberate you from thinking about your digital activities as choruses and will help you reach balance and regularity, and to enjoy your presence in the online world.

(PS: I was wondering what kind of picture would go well with this post, but I think this song will make reading the post much more enjoyable;) )


Activate your Google Profile now!

Recently, Google improved their Profiles service. The new features make it easy for you to add some basic information to your Google account and display that publicly on a public Profile page. A public page that can serve also as your digital business card…just a little bit more comprehensive.

My profile page in Google

Now, you might think that this is another service that just adds to your digital footprint and will require extra time to be maintained. However, this is not the case with the new Google Profiles. Based on my experience, it took me just 5 minutes to set up my profile page. And the information I added was general enough, so that it won’t require any extra tweaking at least for another six or seven months. All I had to do was to add a picture, write a couple of lines about what I do and some education and work history. It’s that simple!

I want to mention just a few of the positives of having a Google Profile. First, this page is public and can be made visible to everyone with access to the internet. So, it makes it easy for you to add a digital business card for people to see when they are “googling” you. If someone starts a search query about your name in Google Search, your profile page will show up in the results. It is a great tool to utilise if you want to gain some more exposure to your personal brand, especially among job recruiters. Also, your current contacts might get to know you a bit better with this function activated and engage into a conversation with you.

Another benefit is that you are able to add links to all other digital tools you are using. You can add links to your websites, blogs, social networks – pretty much everything that helps you to promote your brand. Everyone who checks your profile page will be able to quickly go through all the listed media channels.

And here is my Profile page for you to have a look:

You can create yours here:

Will you be activating your Google Profile? Or do you already have one? What do you think of this service – do you find it useful? Let me know in the comments!

The importance of patience when using Twitter!

Do you recognise this bird?

A couple of years ago I signed up for a relatively unknown service. It allowed submission of personalised status-like messages to an audience of followers. The message I was allowed to post had to be fitted within a limit of 140 characters. I decided for myself that I will give it a try.

Several years later and I cannot imagine a day go by without spending at least an hour going through my twitter feed and interacting with the small community I have created there. The invaluable information and ability to get in touch with each user of the service are things I cannot do without. But it took me quite some time until I started utilising Twitter to it’s full potential. In fact, I know that there is still quite some way to go before I actually become a truly active and engaged user.
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