Always keep your eyes and mind open

Minds are like parachutes – they only function when open.

Sir Thomas Dewar

Tommy Dewar

This is one of my favourite quotes by Sir Thomas Dewar – one of the greatest salesmen of the 19th century. In one short sentence he managed to pack one simple truth about progress – it’s only possible if people appreciate innovation and variety. The same statement is valid also for success. Especially in today’s global world – a world of interconnected different societal and technological cultures. Continue reading


Motivation – always at the wrong time, in the wrong place

Motivation comes and goes as it pleases. That is the case today as well. At the moment I feel like doing absolutely nothing except lying down and watching Boston Legal episodes. Although I have seen all of them at least two (or maybe three) times I still enjoy to put an episode on after I come back home tired of whatever I was doing during the day. Not that it was much, but as I said – my motivation to do anything left me a couple of hours ago… Continue reading