My definition of social media

I just had a dream. It was a strange dream: I dreamt about social media. Or at least, there was a moment in this dream where I finally defined “social media” for myself.

For quite some time I was looking to formulate a simple and short explanation for my own use about what “social media” is. And also: why am I so fascinated with its world and power? Why should I continue to use it? I wanted to make this clear and not just rely on other people’s thoughts and impressions. I was also looking for a definition that fits within the Twitter-set limit of 140 characters – a definition would only work for me if it was to be concise and to the point.

Well, I think I finally have it. I finally have a definition about “social media” that fits within all the criteria I already mentioned and answers my questions. And this definition is good enough for me to even get me out of bed at 7 and inspire me to write this post.

But I think I kept you waiting for a while now and it’s high time I share my revelation about what I consider “social media” to be and why should I (and if you like it – you) embrace it and continue to use it. Here it is:

Social media takes down barriers and brings us together. And together, as people, we become empowered to change worlds.

And now it’s your turn: what is “social media” according to you? Why do you use it?

I’m looking forward to your thoughts!


Going back to basics

Slowly, but surely, we are going back to basics. With the help of social media, of course. There has been a lot of talk recently about privacy concerns and there were a lot of complaints from users as well. However, I believe that such attitudes exist mainly because of people’s lack of understanding of what social media is about. Services like these are still considered “the new thing” by majority of users (but also non-users) and it is a well-known fact that people tend to resist change and express reservations of the unfamiliar, of what they can’t really understand.

Privacy - from Latin: privatus "separated from the rest, deprived of something"

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